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Sia Chuan Han

M2 Decor is strongly recommend for ID/renovation works. They have their own factory, with no showroom. Why I decide to engage M2 as compared to others is because it’s a local company and the project manager, Ben is the person whom I talked to when I engaged his service. He sees through the whole renovation process himself, which gives us a form of assurance as we can just go back to him for any doubts. No showroom is ok as we are renovating a house. Fast response and regular updates from Ben, allows us to be aware of the renovation status.
M2 Decor’s workers are also great. Their workmanship is excellent and amazing. Get to chat with some of their friendly workers. Willing to help, even when it’s not within their job scope.. Great and excellent workers.
The whole team really gives a turnover after renovation. Even after completion, Ben is willing to help, for minor works.
Keep up the good work, Ben and team



We went to a few IDs prior to meeting Ben of M2 Decor.

During our meeting, we realized that we can easily connect with him. Ben is a patient & well-mannered person. Throughout the reno, he patiently updated us of the works done. Even when there were hiccups (due to our part), he patiently resolved them.

He also gave his thoughts and advises for the colours & also the furnishings of the house. Even after the renovation is done, he still asks around if there is any problem that crops up.

We are satisfied with the services provided & even told him we would engage him again if we ever move house in years to come.


Evelyn Ong

Right from the get-go, when I first consulted Benjamin on our renovation journey, he was very helpful in sharing with me what I needed to take note of. Highly skilled and meticulous person. Listened to our ideas and gave input. He is very knowledgeable and I felt confident to engage him for the renovation.

Throughout the renovation process, he has always been prompt in answering my queries and also kept me updated with the progress of the works. Never fail to return any single messages! I feel like he is a friend rather than a ID who I just got to know as he has been very helpful and always going the extra mile to do things for me and making good suggestions.

He is very patient, and his after sales services and followups have been proven to be excellent! I'm so glad to have Benjamin Toh Jun Jie work for us and I highly recommend him to everyone who is interested in having their homes renovated!

What we do

What we do


streamlineD design and fabrication

We passionately believe that quality interior design and carpentry can be designed and made in any setting and we are excited to share it with you!

Over the years, we ventured into the house renovation and provided effective interior design solutions to homeowners across Singapore. We strongly believe that interior design and renovation should be a streamlined and hassle-free process. Our in-house interior design and fabrication is our philosophy at the heart of everything we do.

With our qualitative and streamline home renovation process, we have achieved 100% satisfaction from all our customers with zero complaints.


When functionality meets aesthetic, you will expect something timeless


A very important aspect prior to all renovation works is to ensure the space is functional


Details will be the finest and renovation process will be much more streamlined


Constructive renovation advice and valuable information you might not foresee


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Reliable House Interior Design Services in Singapore

When you are looking for help with home renovation and interior design services, the sheer number of questions that you have can feel almost deafening.

  • What should you build?

  • How will it improve the value of your home?

  • Do you really need to update your house design in Singapore?

That is why our team is here to help you make the changes that you need and want through interior design services. By helping you to spot where your issues might stem from to ensure that you can house renovation with a purpose, we can help you to fully understand what it is that you want.

The main challenge that often comes from starting out with house design and interior renovation is knowing if you want to make a change, or if you think that you want to make a change. Our job is to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with the quality of house design we deliver. By going over any ideas that you have, our renovation and interior design services team can help you to think better and more concisely before committing.

With our adverse knowledge of what sells and what works together, we can be your guide. We can then carry the entire home renovation project within the set budget and timeframe. As soon as we get the full nature of the project in place, we can begin to make some telling changes to what happens next.

From major colour schemes to ideas and furnishing themes, our interior design services are just what you should be looking for. We can make sure that you will spend less time fretting, and more time enjoying the process. House design and renovation can be fun if you are willing to put in the time to let it be so. Let us show you the full potential of your home and you can get a house renovation that matches your expectations.

Perks of Getting Our Interior Design Services

No matter how busy you are, as a dedicated provider of interior design services, we can provide you with end-to-end interior design solutions. For various residences, M2 Decor has always been tailoring the design plus implementation process, and our clients have always been pleased with the outcome.  The following are some advantages of getting our interior design services.

Customised House Design

Every home is a distinctive reflection of the people who live there. Therefore, we take care to ensure that your home's design as closely represents your specific preferences as possible. Custom house designs enable designers to work with a particular environment and its qualities, as well as your preferences, as opposed to having a conventional design which will fit for just about every kind of residential property.

Foolproof Solutions

When it comes to home design, nobody likes a loophole. Professionals who are trustworthy and qualified can offer dependable interior design services for your ideal home. M2 Decor makes sure that our team of knowledgeable experts is handling the design of your home.


Because you get to pick every element, our personalised interior decoration plans let you set a budget and stick to it. With M2 Decor, once the budget is determined and originally communicated with you, you never have to be concerned about unanticipated expenses.

With the help of interior design professionals who have your best interests in mind, bring your dream house visions to life. It's common for people to question your décor choices, and we've taken that into consideration when providing our interior design services. Talk to us today!

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