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The key to an ideal interior space: innovative designs and practical ideas

Interior design has long been an essential part of today’s life. It uplifts your spirits and helps you to showcase a modern and stylish lifestyle. In terms of functionality, interior design optimises space, ensuring the best utilisation of the available area. All these are made possible thanks to interior designers. Interior designers are professionals who put in their best efforts to ensure an interior space is always appealing, safe and functional. They make incredible changes to different spaces, varying from houses, office buildings, to restaurants.

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M2 Decor is a trusted home renovation contractor that has achieved more than 100 satisfied residential clients with 100% customer satisfaction. Possessing decades of experience in the field, M2 Decor specialises in renovating and remodelling residential and commercial spaces based on customers’ needs. Read on to find how M2 Decor can help to create your desired space.


Service scopes of M2 Decor are classified into two categories, residential and commercial properties. You may learn more about the coverage below.

1. Residential
  • HDB

As new BTO houses are getting smaller, thinking about HDB interior design in Singapore is particularly daunting. The key to plan an ideal HDB interior design should involve a successful combination of design and function with a focus on space optimisation. By engaging M2 Decor HDB interior design services, you may request to alter the appearance and feel of your HDB apartment, or even add amenities for greater practicality. Upon thorough examination of a space, M2 Decor designers will create a detailed plan outlining the zones and their intended uses.

  • Condo/apartment

You may develop your own condo interior design but it is important to find your style first. The space can feature different decorations to reflect your personal tastes. M2 Decor is more than happy to assist you in bringing your condo interior design to reality.


  • Landed

As an owner of landed property, it is always crucial to conduct regular renovations for the property for better functionality. While leasing or selling a landed property, appealing interior designs and comfort can help you to generate more income.

2. ​Commercial
  • Tuition centres

M2 Decor also provides interior design services for tuition centres. As we all know, a student’s study progression is closely related to the learning environment. A conducive venue allows them to easily focus on their studies. This can be created through a well-crafted interior layout plan.

  • Hotels 

There is no doubt that competition in today’s hospitality industry has become stiffer. A unique interior design is among the factors that makes hotel operators stand out from their rivals. Hotel interior design is of vital importance when it comes to providing a pleasant experience for guests. M2 Decor strives to offer a well-designed space for hotel operators to highlight their features and convey their brand promise.


  • Offices

M2 Decor understands offices are second homes to many employees. Creating an inspiring and energising office interior design is extremely important. A contemporary and professional layout can evoke a sense of comfort and belonging, increasing overall productivity.


  • Unique Selling Proposition of M2 Decor

At M2 Decor, delivering quality in-house interior design and fabrication is at the heart of everything we do. These are the elements that position us well in the industry.


  • Consultation

M2 Decor provides constructive renovation advice, valuable information and space planning that you might not foresee prior to all renovation services.


  • Timeless Interior design

M2 Decor has the expertise to combine functionality and aesthetic for creation of timeless interior designs.


  • In-house team

M2 Decor is led by highly experienced project managers, interior designers and contractors who are committed to providing their years of renovation expertise to all residential and commercial owners. There is also an in-house carpentry team that is helpful in fulfilling your interior design dreams.

At M2 Decor, we hold strong belief that interior design and renovation should be a streamlined and hassle-free process. If you want the perfect solution to residential and commercial renovations, look no further, contact us now!

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